How can I request sample books and samples?
To request samples of Fedrigoni papers, you need to register with the Community. Once registered, you will be able to file a request for samples of the paper you wish, in the reserved area.
What is the Top Applications Award?
This is the Fedrigoni competition devoted to all those using Fedrigoni paper in prestigious graphic and editorial projects. Top Applications Award is the only prize to consider all those involved in the creation of a printed work: the client commissioning it, the graphic artist designing it, the printer or paper technician developing it. For each pre-selected work, all the protagonists involved will be rewarded. The Top Applications Award can allow your work to be featured at the Milan Triennial show, in the catalogue and on the website gallery. For more information, see the Top Applications Award area.
How does Top Applications work?
The competition is open to all communications agencies, graphics companies, clients and editors who have recently completed an original or prestigious project on Fedrigoni paper. For more information, see the regulations in the Top Applications Award area.
Why should I register with the website?
Being part of our community means having access to more information on the Fedrigoni range, and being able to put questions to our experts, request samples of paper, see all the applications developed using our special paper and take part in the competitions that are periodically available to all registered users.
How can I contact a Fedrigoni reference?
Go to our ‘contact’ page and find out which Fedrigoni agent covers your geographical area.
How can I request an estimate?
Go to our ‘contact’ page and find out which Fedrigoni agent covers your geographical area.
How can I find out about your paper formats?
You can examine the paper catalogues in the section Findpapers > Catalogues, or use the ‘Find paper’ box to the left of the home page. Inside each catalogue, you will find pages given over to the individual series, complete with all details: format, weight, colours and technical characteristics.
How can I order Fedrigoni paper?
If you are a registered Community member, you always have the contact data of your nearest Fedrigoni representative available to the right-hand side of each page. He or she will help you order the paper you need.
Where can I find examples of the use of your paper?
In the Gallery section, which we endeavour to keep constantly up to date, you can admire a great many examples of works developed with Fedrigoni paper. The 'Search for application' box allows you to search by project or paper type.
How is the data registered with your website processed?
The data for registered users is processed in compliance with the Privacy law (art. 13 of Italian law decree 196/03). You can read explanations and clarifications on this on the specific page: Privacy.
Paper types
Every day you encounter an infinite wealth of papers: from those in widespread use to more technical options for specific purposes, standard paper and special versions (marked, embossed, ruled, pearl, translucent, metallic, natural, etc.). These can help add value, personality and image to your project. The Paper types section lists all the various types of paper, as well as those produced by Fedrigoni as standard.
Ecological glossary
Would you like to know more about forest certification, the Kyoto protocol, the FSC Chain of Custody or environmental impact? Check the ecological glossary because for both you and your customers, attention to the environment can become a strategic objective.
Characteristics, flaws and techniques for paper production
Consult these subjects to discover production processes and control methods used to classify and evaluate the paper according to its specific characteristics. They will also allow you to take a more thorough look at the problems and flaws you may encounter during printing due to possible flaws in the paper.
Raw materials
What raw materials are fundamental to paper production? What does ‘fibrous material’ actually mean? Is it really that important to use water in production? Check our raw materials glossary to get to know the world of paper from a technical-merchandise viewpoint.

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