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A superb product involving the investment of considerable work, capital and time must be presented to the market in an appropriate way. In certain trade categories, packaging is the only aspect that clients can use to decide purchases and in this case it is vital to ensure that your products stand out from many others in points of sale. Packaging must first catch the attention of clients and then their hands, by communicating the values of the product inside: the colour and surface must convey ideas about the features of the product even before the packaging is opened.

It is with this major conviction that Fedrigoni has decided to collect its offering for the packaging field in a single swatch book. Five categories expressly acknowledged as packaging material are the stars in the Fedrigoni Packaging swatch book. They are all presented through a selection of the most suitable papers for the application in question, together with examples of colours/surfaces in the huge Fedrigoni range.

Packaging Samplebook

The Box section brings together papers weighing 250–350g/m2 that ensure good stiffness and mechanical resistance for creasing and die-cutting processes (essentially long-fibre papers).

Lining illustrates proposals for lining papers ensuring a deluxe touch for cardboard boxes intended to last over time - flexible yet resistant papers weighing no more than 160 g/m2.

The Label section highlights paper for labels in relation to the technology used to apply the label to the container: “water-glued” labels or self-adhesive film labels.

The papers selected for Shopping Bags are characterised by high mechanical resistance to double creases, abrasion and - today - even humidity, with weights between 130–200g/m2.

The Tag section, lastly, presents the cards of variable weights between 250-800g/m2, that is high bulk cards generally coupled in several layers.

The Fedrigoni Packaging swatch book is the tool that sector operators can rely on to find perfect pairings for coordinated products of all kinds.

Packaging Samplebook


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