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Diseño de protesta

A rebel book for a world that is living a lie
Diseño de protesta

Gustavo Gili, Diseño de protesta, Milton Glaser & Mirko Ilic, Barcelona, 2006, 240 páginas, 37,50 €. Cover

The art of graphic dissidence is impacting, intelligent and sometimes amusing, a sparkle that lights up the consciences of those who read the message. Something as cheap as a poster can be converted into a manifesto of ideas, made to measure for a specific time and place. Political impurity and injustice find themselves being browbeaten by images and the emotional responses they trigger, a system that forces the observer to think again and take action. This book shows graphic works that criticise recent policies and conflicts at world level. It include an essay by Tony Kushner and an interview conducted by Steven Heller with Milton Glaser, the father of American graphic design. A rebel book for a world that is living a lie.

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