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Belgrade Design Week / June 2012

The topic of the international creative conference is "Freedom squared"
Belgrade Design Week / June 2012

Belgrade Design Week.

June 4-10
Belgrade Design Week

The topic “Freedom squared” is tailor made to achieve BDW's mission and vision of creating a society of knowledge in the South East European region of 100 million people between Vienna and Istanbul and to build bridges between the creative industries, business and government community, the global design scene and the local and regional impetus - presenting ideas and approaches of the greatest creative minds of the 21st century.
BDW's hearth piece, the international creative conference, will run for 3 days from June 7th to June 9th, and will cover all areas of the creative industries. Prior to the conference hours a panel segment under the name “Freedom panels” is dedicated to social engineering, sustainable development and new ideas related to the strategic planning of the society.

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